JOT Prawn Trap Program

The program interfaces to the iTrac II allowing the fisher to send and record Set and Haul positions.

Version for the 2023 fishery:

    • Program can run with the navigation software, TimeZero, on the same PC.  Important, open the program to connect to the iTrac com port before running the navigation software.
    • Manually connect and disconnect the iTrac com port from the file menu.
    • Record and transmit lost trap location


    Older Versions:

    Version for the 2016 fishery.

    Note: This program will allow the user to check if the iTrac GPS position is inside one of the following Howe Sound or Strait of Georgia Glass Sponge Reef Fishing Closure Areas:

    1. Howe Sound - Defence Islands Closure
    2. Howe Sound - Queen Charlotte Channel 1 Closure
    3. Howe Sound - Queen Charlotte Channel 2 Closure
    4. Howe Sound - Queen Charlotte Channel 3 Closure
    5. Howe Sound - Queen Charlotte Channel 4 Closure
    6. Foreslope Hills Closure
    7. Outer Gulf Islands 1 Closure
    8. Outer Gulf Islands 2 Closure
    9. Outer Gulf Islands 3 Closure
    10. Outer Gulf Islands 4 Closure
    11. Gabriola Island Closure
    12. Parksville Closure
    13. East of Hornby Island Closure
    14. Sechelt Closure
    15. Halibut Bank Closure

    Important Note: The Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound Glass Sponge Reef Marine Protected Areas are not included this program.

    Version for the 2015 fishery.

    • Replaced driver to eliminate possible USB connection problems between the iTrac II and PC.
    • The external set / haul switch can be activated while the JOT Prawn Trap program runs in the background. This feature is useful for those fisher running a navigation program on their PC alongside the JOT Prawn Trap program; thereby, eliminating the need to constantly jump between the two programs when activating the external switch.
    • Handle text font size resolution, allowing the Windows text size to change from 100% to 125% or greater for easier readability.
    • Entering a manual set / haul position no longer requires a negative longitude value.
    • Add self-test feature to verify iTrac II unit is transmitting and receiving data.
    • Display iTrac II model and firmware number.
    • Add speech auditory feedback.

    Version - Original version for the 2014 fishery.